We're looking forward to meeting you.


There are few things as scary as the unknown. We get that. We want your visit to Hope Assembly to be fun and exciting. Something to look forward to. So, we made a list of some things to expect to take the guess work and anxiety out of it.

What is your mission?

We believe being the Church far outweighs doing “church.” Our mission is simple: Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known. Our heart is to be GATHERED and SCATTERED. We GATHER to be equipped through worship and Word. We SCATTER into our communities to minister to the lost.

What should I wear?

Be you. We don’t “dress up” for church, and we don’t want you to either. We are looking forward to meeting you, the real you, not the “Sunday best” you. So, whatever you wear Monday thru Saturday – wear that.

What is Worship?

We believe that humanity was created for worship. At every service we have many opportunities to worship. We typically start with a welcome followed by a few songs of worship. During our songs we provide the opportunity, weekly, to partake of communion and to give – both elements of worship.

What do you believe?

We are a Bible-believing and teaching church. The Scriptures are absolute, and we draw upon them for the wisdom of how we should live our lives. We believe: The Trinity, God’s Word, The Fall of Man, The Virgin Birth, The Death and Resurrection of Christ, Salvation thru Christ, Water Baptism, and Eternity.